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A selection of stories we want to share: they inspired us and taught something new. Travelling to beautiful destinations, knowing brilliant people, eating delicious meals and discovering new brands makes our creativity always increasing.


Yellow Stuff

Words and Photos: Nicole McLean


When we travelled to Amsterdam in November last year, we visited the amazing cafe Bocca, which we fell in love with for many reasons, including its interior design, menu, staff and of course coffee,  which is made with their own beans.

© Michael Gardenia Photography
© Michael Gardenia Photography

The cafe is set out as a large space with a central coffee station in the middle, so you can watch your coffee being made from wherever you’re sitting. As well as watching the process of our drinks being made, we had our eyes on the aprons the baristas were wearing too.

We starting talking to Yakob, the main barista, about our love for coffee and the aprons and he was pleased to tell us that they were from Yellow Stuff.

Yellow Stuff is based in Bangkok, and creates aprons specifically for baristas, as they believe the expertise should be praised and have an outfit to match. They use cotton, linen and canvas with good quality leather to produce aprons appropriate for a working barista, and they even do customised ones too.

We loved the aprons so much we got in contact with Ake from Yellow Stuff and were lucky enough to collaborate with the brand.

Yellow Stuff resonated with us because at Fusillo Lab, we make an effort to seek out only high quality things that resemble our style. When we first noticed the aprons, we knew they would be a perfect addition to the Lab as we too share their love for baristas and all things good coffee.