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A selection of stories we want to share: they inspired us and taught something new. Travelling to beautiful destinations, knowing brilliant people, eating delicious meals and discovering new brands makes our creativity always increasing.


A twist on tradition: The Naked Panettone


You know how much we love gelato and after a year of collaboration with Grom we decided to celebrate our Christmas with a yummy recipe that has a touch of tradition.


This year we discovered more about the world of gelato and about gelato itself: the best situations to enjoy fresh products like this, the farm where Grom grows some of the fruits they use, where they mix and do new flavor experiments, how to recognise if it's made properly and of course how to make it at home!


We loved the people who work at Grom and this recipe is a celebration of this past year, not dedicated to a specific festivity.

As usual, Lidia and I met to think about what we could create this time and after some nice ideas, she came up with this twist on a naked cake: the Naked Panettone.


This is an original way to serve your Christmas dessert, instead of the old-fashioned Pandoro with mascarpone cream.

It's delicious and so stunning, don’t you think?

And you know what? We found out that Grom released Panettone as "gusto del mese", the flavour of the month, so we decided to mix it with the dark chocolate flavor.


Watch the video:


Here is the recipe:


- 1 medium size Panettone
- 500 g Panettone gelato by Grom
- 500 g Dark Chocolate gelato by Grom
- 400 ml fresh cream
- Red currant and icing sugar for topping
- Eucalyptus for decoration

Cut the top off of the panettone because we need a flat top. Cut the panettone in 5 layers in order to spread the gelato on 4 layers. Put the layers on a stack and cover everything with whipped cream using a spatula. Decorate with eucalyptus and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Before you serve it, add red currants and icing sugar on top.