A cozy creative studio





At Fusillo we recognise what is original and made with heart and soul. We see it while travelling, talking to people or simply just searching on the internet. 

That’s what we define creativity as: being curious and conscious whilst never becoming tired of discovering.


Thanks to our background in photography, art direction and digital communication we can work wholly on a project, going through every step in depth: creativity, strategy, photo and video content production, food and set design, events and workshops.


Fusillo Lab is the materialisation of our sense of aesthetics and personality.


Our admiration for artisanal and industrial style is reflected within the design of our studio. We exchange flashes for natural light, plastic for wood, and like to use raw textures and vintage furniture. We can tell the stories of where most of our props came from and why we gathered them. We aim to do things simply but thoroughly and always with good style. When our beautiful kitchen is not used to cook recipes for a brand’s social media or editorial plan, we use it to prepare something to be enjoyed together: a delicious plate of pasta or a special coffee blend made with beans we purchased during our latest travels.


If you think we are on the same wavelength and you would like to meet us or talk about a project or collaboration, just email us.