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The Lab


The Lab


The idea of the Lab was born a few years ago, when I used to work on my photographs at home or in my day to day life. I was inspired to create a space where taking pictures became easy, not just a corner in an apartment or in a studio styled to look authentic, but a place that would be authentic in itself. 


From a young age I enjoyed hosting my friends and family with home cooked meals. An important part of Fusillo is sharing ideas around the table while inspiring people with food made from fresh ingredients.


We love to talk about traveling like a local and where in the world our favourite places are to visit.


Fusillo Lab focuses on brands that share our vision of aesthetics and quality: since 2016 we have been working with local and international clients who value our approach of being natural and visually oriented and our belief that creativity goes beyond a simply capturing an image.


We are a creative studio in Milan specialising in photography and content creation.

Michael, owner and creative director